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Dr. Nien-Tsu Alfred Hu and Dr. Wen-Yan Chiau:「Promotion Strategies and Perspectives of Marine Affairs」

The numerous functions and benefits make the ocean the most important asset related to our sustainable development. In the past decade, the government of Taiwan has been paying greater attention to marine affairs. The Executive Yuan first established a “Task Force on Promotion of Marine Affairs” and then promulgated the “Ocean Policy White Paper” and “White Paper of Marine Education”. President Ma Ying-jeou also announced his ocean policy during his presidential campaign. In addition, some major universities in Taiwan have also established their institutes of marine affairs. However, some of the recent development of ocean-related issues has raised concerns world-wide. These include the increasing risks of climate change and sea level rise, Russia’s claim of sovereignty of the North Pole, Japan’s claim of the Okinotorishima reefs, and the Philippines’ claim of some reefs and islands in the South China Sea. Controversy also rose when the origianlly intended “Ministry of Ocean” was scuttled and switched to the establishment of the “Ocean Council” in Taiwan. In response to the new era of international marine affairs including the incidents of Somalia piracy, Taiwan needs more consensus and effective actions to handle marine affairs. The strategies recommended for this oceanic country are as follows: strengthening the interdisciplinary dialogue, promoting marine education, integrating related mechanisms, conducting ocean spatial zoning, improving law enforcement, preserving marine culture, facilitating international cooperation, and taking vigorous actions.
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